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by. fed chairman ben bernanke. but much of washington is bailing on the country's top banker. a senate vote is coming down to the wire to determine whether he keeps his job. president obama hits the campaign trail. trying to sell a new jobs initiative and limit his mounting political losses. a prominent democrat puts another nail in the coffin of healthcare reform legislation suggesting a time-out. a year after the president promised to shut it down by today, why is the guantanamo prison still open? all that, plus the fax all-stars and the friday lightning round, right here, right now. ♪ ♪ welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. while president obama talked jobs in ohio, one job in particular is apparently very much in question tonight. the one held by federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. the ticking clock may be
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winding down on bernanke's days at the helm and there is a very fluid situation right now in congress. fox business network correspondent peter barnes has a developing story that, peter, really could affect the markets. >> and our pocketbooks, bret. we have been getting reports all day from senators announcing how they will plan to vote on bernanke's renomination. the surprise is more nos from democratic senators, allies of the president. that may be why harry reid just announced moments ago he will vote yes on bernanke after bernanke promised to do more to help the xy. when the president endorsed bernanke for another four-year term in august it looked like smooth sailing. >> ben approached a financial system on the verge of lapse with calm and wisdom, bold action and out-of-the-box thinking. >> but now with just nine days until his current term expires, bernanke's
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renomination is hitting rough waters. >> what did you give the money to? who has our money? s>> byron was one of the three to oppose bernanke's nomination when it comes to the senate floor likely next week. rus feingold and barbara boxer said they would vote no. plenty of senators democrat and republican are mad at bernanke charging he helped create the financial crisis with easy bank regulation early in the decade. republican jeff sessions of alabama announcing his no-vote today. >> he was a part of the federal reserve board. and then chairman of it when the economic crisis hit us and devastated us financially and economically. he did not warn against that. >> scott brown's upset win tuesday for ted kennedy's senate seat in massachusetts isn't helping bernanke. brown rode a wave of populist anger opposing bank bail-outs along with healthcare reform.
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votes count more in this fight. critics plan to filibuster. it will take 60 votes to break it. senate sources say that as of today, bernanke still appeared to have more than 60 yes votes. >> he did do a very, very good job during the rescue efforts. which could have led, if they didn't happen, to the great depression. so i'm supportive of bernanke but will continue to be a strong critic of the fed in areas where i disagree. >> now supporters believe that at the end of the day, bernanke will be reconfirmed, because if not, it could rock financial markets by creating new uncertainty. that is one reason why one democrat mary landrieu of louisiana, announced late this afternoon, she will support his renomination. bret? >> bret: thank you. we'll watch it. uncertainty over bernanke's future could be behind another down day on wall street. the dow fell 217 points. the s&p 500 lost 24 3/4.
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the nasdaq dropped 60 1/2. president obama today tried to turn attention away from a week full of disappointing developments and on to the economy. will his populist message stem a political tide that seems to be turning against him? we report, you decide. here is white house correspondent wendell goler. >> reporter: this ohio, the president aimed to refocus the national debate on jobs but made clure that the loss of the 60th vote in the senate hasn't changed his priorities. >> after the massachusetts election, people in washington were all in a tivy, trying to figure out out what it means for health reform. has he weakened? how will he survive this? >> the last time he was here as a candidate the unemployment rate was 6.9% and he promised to bring it down. now it's 9.5% and the drywall plant he visited is closed. on this day, the president toured a factory that makes football and baseball helmets
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and a wind turbine lab and pushed for $174 billion jobs package now before the senate. but ohio republican jim jordan suggests that might be throwing good money after bad. >> they came out of the gate with their three-quarters of a trillion dollars stimulus plan supposed to keep unemployment at 8%. we know today in ohio it's over 10%. >> for jordan the stimulus package that failed to cap the jobless rate and the health insurance reform performance he characterized as government take-over are symptoms of a failed approach. >> all it got with us a $1.2 trillion deficit, $12 trillion debt and no job growth. that's the problem. that and the healthcare bill, that's why you saw voters on tuesday do what they did. >> answering question after his speech, mr. obama denied the big government charge sdpchlt. >> we don't need big government. we need smart government. >> he addressed the deal-making that soured americans on the health insurance debate. extra medicare funding to win
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mary landrieu's vote, called the louisiana pu purchase, the same kind of deal for nelson called cornhusker kickback. >> they look out for their constituents sometimes but when you put it together it looks like a monstrosity. >> the politicking he says makes people fearful but the goal is still important. >> there are things that have to get done. this is our best chance to do it. we can't keep on putting this off. >> the president's aides say there are lots of talks going on here and on capitol hill, but they won't suggest how he might find compromise with republicans on health reform when he couldn't find middle ground between democrats in the house and senate. bret? >> bret: wendell, thank you. there were further indications today just how bleak the outlook is for anything resembling the current version of healthcare reform legislation. chief washington correspondent jim angle looks at what is being said. >> reporter: the democratic healthcare proposals are now in at least temporary limbo as lawmakers try to figure out how to put humpty-dumpty
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back together again. a dilemma president obama acknowledged today in ohio. >> we've gotten pretty far down the road. but i've got to admit, we had a little bit of a buzz saw this week. >> he blamed the failure of healthcare reform to pass so far on everything but public opposition. >> you're running head long in special interests and armies of lobbyists and partisan politics that is aimed at exploiting fears instead of getting things done and then you got adds scaring the bejeeses out of everybody. >> he did not acknowledge the growing misgivings reflected in poll after another, two new ones out today. gallop found 55 to 35% americans say the president and congress should suspend work on the healthcare bill and consider alternatives rather than trying to pass the current version. rasmussen poll found margin of 59 to 33% say the obama administration should wait on healthcare reform until the
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economy improves. democratic lawmakers seem to share the reluctance, senator chris dodd of connecticut suggested today that his fellow democrats set healthcare reform aside and take a breather for a month, six weeks as he put it to allow time to regroup. after pushing healthcare reform with a pants-on-fire urgency for months, democratic leaders also seem ready to slow down. >> we're not in a big rush. pause and reflect on what our possibilities are. >> we're not going the rush into anything. remember, the bill we passed in the senate is good for a year. >> some democrats have other priorities. >> there are lots of good things in the healthcare bill. it makes sense to try and see if we can get some of those things done. but it cannot stand in way of the number one focus, jobs, economy and middle class.
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>> that is the concern for any democrat up for re-election far more than healthcare reform, which they see as a good goal but not one the public is clammering for as much as jobs. >> bret: good for a year, huh? >> long shelf life. >> bret: thanks. the price of free speech turns out to be too high for a political movement. and the continued fall-out over decisions made in the wake of the christmas day airplane bombing attack. host: could switching to geico really save you
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. great britain today has raised its terror threat level from substantial to severe. meaning an attack is considered highly likely. however, a government spokesman says there is no intelligence to suggest an attack is imminent. >> what i would say to the public is that they need to be vigilant, they need to help the police and the security services in their work. we know this country faces a threat from international terrorism. >> bret: we will continue to
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keep you posted with any new developments there. back at home, two senators are introducing legislation that would mandate that the intelligence community be consulted in the handling of terror suspects following their apprehension. it's a reaction to what many lawmakers are saying was the mishandling of the suspect in the christmas day airliner bombing attempt. national correspondent catherine herridge has an update tonight. good evening. >> reporter: thank you, bret. now that the white house spokesman pinned the decision to prosecute the underpants bomber as criminal, eric holder, not only the republican but a top democrat is now crying foul. dianne feinstein who leads the powerful senate intelligence committee says umar farouk abdulmutallab should have been treated as a terror suspect. high value detainee interrogation unit should have been called in to decide whether the fbi's questioning of the 23-year-old had exhausted his intelligence value. >> had this group been operative, it should have been called in to do some assessment ahead of time as to whether the interrogation
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or interview, whatever you want to call it of the individual was really adequate, whether they needed more time. >> it was news to both fine and the ranking republican -- feinstein and the ranking republican that the high value unit was not operational five months after being announced by the administration. senator kit bond was blunt about mirandizing umar farouk abdulmutallab. >> he was asked yesterday what kind of information we didn't get. i said you can't know what kind of information you don't get. >> reporter: justice department officials incest intelligence can still be gather and the white house knew about the new controversial decision ahead of time. after the department informed the president's national security team about the planned course of action the. stay, reads, umar farouk abdulmutallab was charged in criminal court. a former intelligence official tells fox "holder appears to be out on a limb." he alone made the announcement about sending the 9/11 case to new york and now he is the point man for what critics describe as mishandling of the christmas
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day bomber on flight 253. >> bret: we'll follow this story, but there is new information today coming to light on the evolution of the attacks like the christmas day bombing. what can you tell us about that? >> one of my contacts in touch with the intelligence community tells me that there is real concern that al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula will in effect launch evolution of the underwear bombing that was on flight 253, that a new device will try to exploit our social sensitivities. that they will choose or target as carriers, pregnant women, people with small children and those with prosthet prosthetics. two years ago there was a t.s.a. bulletin about those with a prosthetic belly so they'd look pregnant but the bomb would be tucked inside the prosthetic. this is again on the map. >> bret: thank you. >> you're welcome. >> bret: vice president joe biden has begun a surprise trip to iraq. biden will try to help diffuse a growing political controversy there over the blacklisting of former members of saddam hussein's regime. today, iraq's elections chief says he expects more candidates to be banned from
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the march parliamentary elections. thursday a list of more than 500 names was published in iraqi newspapers. ♪ ♪ >> bret: a presidential task force has recommended bringing at least 80 guantanamo bay detainees to the u.s. for prosecution or detention. it was one year ago today that president obama promised to close the terrorist prison in one year. senior white house correspondent major garrett continues his series on year one of the administration with a look at why it hasn't happened yet. >> guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now. >> reporter: not exactly. actually, not even close. gitmo stands as the most glaring failure of president obama's first year, especially when you consider the detention center won't close this year either. and the white house cannot say when it will. >> i don't know when the process will be done. >> reporter: president bush wanted to close gitmo, too, but could not come up with a date or a plan. now mr. obama's date is gone.
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and he is still working on a plan. >> one question that that raises, of course, is whether the obama administration is drifting toward a policy very similar to the one that the last president articulated with respect to guantanamo. >> reporter: what happened? how could a president so emphatic then be so wrong now? >> one naivety, and two, irrational exuberance that they were going to be better, stronger and faster. >> they just genuinely underestimated the difficulty of effectuating every aspect of this. >> reporter: there are 196 detainees at guantanamo now. the obama administration has released 44. officials say 35 in custody will be tried in u.s. federal court. 110 will be transferred to other countries. '50 or so will be detained indefinitely without trial. former advisor to president bush credits team obama for at least deciding the fate of
6:18 pm
each detainee. >> you need to rack and stack them. first, you need to put your arms around all the information about each detainee. we didn't do it in the bush administration as well as they have. >> reporter: but mr. obama's decision to hold some detainees without trial contradicts his pledge in may to work with congress on a new indefinite detention law. >> in our constitutional system, prolonged detention should not be a decision of any one man. >> the president's reversal puts him where mr. bush was, war powers in afghanistan allow for the intention of terror suspects. >> then the administration changed its mind and decided it's not going to do it because it's too politically difficult. i think they deserve a lot of criticism for that. >> those detainees are heading to the maximum security prison in thompson, illinois, a facility won't be ready for months, probably more like a year. once they arrive, the suspects could come back to haunt the president. >> judges will ultimately order some of those guys released in the united states. because their rights have not been defined. their privileges have not been defined. >> imitation, they say is the
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inserest form of -- sincerest form of pl flatterflattery. bush should be somewhat flattered even if president obama didn't want it that way. major garrett, fox news. >> bret: join me this weekend for special, president obama in his own words. we look at what he said before he took office and what he says now. airing saturday and sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. tune in to watch chris wallace as well, white house press secretary robert gibbs and texas republican senator 911 nnin c ornyn on "fox news sunday." we look back for surge for conservatives. and search for people a week-and-a-half after the earthquake in haiti.
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>> bret: in world news, afghanistan today outlawed the use of a fertilizer that is also used to make bombs. president karzai's office banned the use of use production storage purchase or sale of ammonium nitrate. nato-led forces have already been confiscating it and urging local farmers to use a different type of fertilizer. intelligence officials say pakistani security forces killed three militants in north waziristan today. the troop's first reported foray in the region in months. the u.s. is pressing pakistan to be more aggressive there against al-qaeda and the taliban. police in turkey today rounded up 120 people with suspected lengths to al-qaeda. in simultaneous predawn raids in 16 provinces. among those detained a university faculty member suspected of recruiting students and sending them to afghanistan for training. aid officials say haitians are fleeing
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earthquake-ravaged port-au-prince by the hundreds of thousands. meanwhile, thursday was said to to be the first day since the quake that there were no successful rescues. correspondent brian wilson is live tonight in port-au-prince with an update on the effort to find some missing americans at the hotel montana. brian, good evening. i understand the location was closed to the media for a number of days but briefly open today? >> reporter: that is the right. the-up blue help mets have been -- the u.n. blue helmets have been in charge of the site. media black-out at the location, no information coming out of there, that's caused a great deal of consternation in some quarters. we got if briefly this morning for a while and found the work is going forward slowly but surely. what was once the grandest hotel in all of haiti is now four players of pancaked rubble. the list outside the montana shows that 12 americans are thought to be inside. the truth is no one knows exactly how many people may have died here. this is a rescue team from the united states, fairfax
6:25 pm
county, virginia. they're on the job. their goal today is punch through the front of the hotel into the lobby. the experts say in times of disaster, fire, earthquake, et cetera, people try to move through the normal areas of egress and they believe they might find people inside the lobby area. as you can see here at the hotel montana the work is very slow and pain-staking. there is nothing easy about the work that these people are trying to do. it's slow, it's methodical, dirty work. and quite frankly these are very tough conditions. there are dead decaying bodies inside. and the whole area has the stench of death unfortunately making it very difficult not only physically, but emotionally on the people who work here. the site is controlled by the u.n. soldiers from chile. this morning they recovered the body of a chilechilean's general wife. one man on the scene with loved onen side the rubble charged recovering the
6:26 pm
general's wife was all the chileans were focussed on. >> now the wife has been found so they're pulling up stakes and moving out of here. >> reporter: other americans working on the the site said it was not the case. >> he was good about distributing the units all over the hotel. >> reporter: as we were leaving the hotel montana, heavy equipment was arriving. sign the effort was moving from one of rescue to one of recovery. it basically is a situation that is very difficult. for those who may have loved ones inside the building, they are dying for information. the best guidance i can give you is this hotel which is pancaked one floor upon the other sits on top of a mountain. it's very difficult to get heavy machinep rry around it. no one we talked to today was willing to give an estimate how long it will take to get the work done there. it's incredibly difficult situation and words almost fail me. it almost don't have the words to describe that scene. back to you, bret. >> bret: that's a painful story. brian wilson live in
6:27 pm
port-au-prince tonight. thanks. progressive radio is no longer progressing. and will the tea party movements progress -- progress, rather, be slowed because of the own convention? we'll explain all of this next.
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>> bret: and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. next month's first ever tea party convention is drawing
6:31 pm
criticism from many within the grass roots movement. politico reports some activists are unhappy about the events' organizers, the high ticket prices, 350 to $550, and the $100,000 speaking fee for sarah palin. one conservative blogger writes, quote, charging people $500 plus the costs of travel and lodging to go to a national tea party convention, run by a for-profit group no one has ever heard of sounds as credible as an email from nigeria, promising me a million bucks. one of the sticky issues is balancing the grass roots foundation of the movement with the desire to organize and become a bigger part of the political debate. the possibility has been raised that some tea party activists could demonstrate outside the convention. a former tea party nation member, who resigned from the convention steering committee says, quote: it would really look bad for tea parties to be out there protesting the tea party. the plane that was forced to
6:32 pm
make an emergency landing on the hudson river last january has landed on the auction block. the banged up u.s. airways arabs. a-320 is included on online salvage auction by insurance firm chartas. it was listed as is. missing two engines and having severe water and impact damage. the original posting said bidding would end march 27th. but an update on the web site says due to the high volume of interest, more information will be added so all interested parties can be accommodated. finally liberal radio network air america shut down thursday and will soon file chapter 7 bankruptcy. the network was launched in 2004 as an alternative to conservative commentators like rush limbaugh. but it struggled over the years to make a profit. the company says 10 consecutive quarters of declining ad revenue and the difficulty of making money on the internet contributed to its troubles. the demise of air america is
6:33 pm
just one of several blows to the liberal cause this week. chief political correspondent carl cameron tell us why the pier's conservatives are on a role. >> scott brown's win kicked off what may be the best week yet for a minority party on the outs in congress and the white house. a week that also marked the president's first year in office. it was no miracle in massachusetts. but a coalition of republicans, independents, disaffected democrats, and the tea party movement that flocked to brown's reform message. on election day, tea party activists who rallied around the country were all over the bay state whipping up votes, democratic strategist dan gerstein. >> the democrats got run over by a pickup truck literally and figuratively. in my view, it's the best thing that could have happened to the president and democrats in congress. this was a wakeup call. this was an unavoidable signal that their governing style was not working. >> i don't think it's possible to pass the senate bill in the house. >> democrats seem disoriented
6:34 pm
and now admit health care reform is on life support with a poor prognosis. republicans have been revived. >> the brown election was a booster shot. this was a straight shot of energy for the republican party in recruiting candidates, in raising money, and in energizing their congressional core, the people who actually have to run and be on the ballot in november. so it couldn't have been better-timed. it couldn't have been a better result for the republicans. >> it's pretty gratifying. >> that was senate republican member mitch mcconnell hagel thursday's landmark supreme court decision to strike down key portions of existing campaign finance law, including the ban on corporate donations. republicans are the expected beneficiaries. >> it's going to permit corporations in some key districts and states to spend a large amount of money on certain key races where they want a candidate elected or a candidate defeated. so i think that's a plus for republicans. >> it's been a banner week for republicans on capitol hill.
6:35 pm
but they still face two very big hurdles before they can take over congress. they need 40 seats in the house and 10 seats in the senate. that is a tremendously tough challenge that will lead to trench warfare for the more than 40 weeks remaining before election day. on capitol hill, carl cameron, fox news. >> thousands of pro-life demonstrators today marked the 37th anniversary of the row vs. wade decision by gathering here in washington. correspondent molly henneberg is live at the supreme court tonight with the story. good evening, molly. >> this annual march for life started on january 22nd, 1974. one year to the day after the supreme court legalized abortion nationwide. pro-lifers have been marching on washington on the same day each year ever since. today they started on the mall with the rally and walked up toward the capitol. individuals, church groups, and parents with their kids. >> we just decided we wanted to put our money where our mouth was and show them the importance of standing up for human life and that it starts at conception and goes until, you know, you
6:36 pm
naturally die. >> it effects everybody, not just when men and the children, of course, who were -- who have lost, who we have lost. >> the march is just wrapping up now. the supreme court where women who have had abortions and now regret it or telling their stories. some lawmakers spoke earlier at the rally and one house republican leader says he was encouraged by the crowd. >> the-to-see so many americans of every age, including my two teenage daughters out here in the crowd taking a stand for life so many years after that decision in 1973 gives me hope that some day will come that we restore the sanctity of life to the center of american law. >> on the other side pro choice planned parenthood said it celebrated today the roe vs. wade decision but cautioned a woman's right to make health care decisions is under continuous assault by antichoice organizations and individuals. president obama who is pro
6:37 pm
choice declined an invitation to speak to the group today. he just put out a statement on the anniversary of the roe vs. wade decision. in it he noted the court's ruling in 1973, quote, affirms each american's right to privacy from government intrusion. the president also says he remains committed to preventing unintended pregnant that's nancies, supporting pregnant women and families and strengthening adoption. bret? >> bret: molly henneberg live at the supreme court tonight. the president talked jobs in ohio while a lot of people in washington talked about whether fed chairman ben bernanke will keep his. we will talk about all of it with the fox all stars, next. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car,
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>> today, because we took those actions, the worst of this economic storm has passed. but, families like yours and communities like this one are still reeling from the devastation that left in its
6:41 pm
wake. >> i am not going to vote for him. he was a part of the federal reserve board and then chairman of it when which economic crisis hit us and devastated us financially and economically. he did not warn us against that. >> i'm supportive of bernanke but will continue to be a very strong critic of the fed in areas where i disagree with them. >> bret: two stories here the president in ohio talking about jobs and the economy trying to turn the page from the tough week for a tough week for his white house. he used the word fight apparently 14 times in that speech today in ohio. the other story about ben bernanke the fed chair who is up for a vote in the senate for his second term just a few moments ago the senate majority leader harry reid put out a statement. senate majority leader saying while i will vote for his confirmation my support is not unconditional. it's close though. they are counting heads in the senate. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, senior writer for "the weekly standard." nina easton columnist for "time"
6:42 pm
and fortune magazine and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. let's start with the bernanke vote that originally wasn't going to be close but now is. nina? >> it's amazing. this atmosphere for this fed chairman has not been as toxic since 1982 when the fed chairman then paul volcker received two by fours by construction workers who were out of work. the interesting thing about this is the white house and the fed didn't see it coming. they didn't think this nomination was going to be in trouble. and part of the reason is that it was started by two gadd slides one on the right and one on the right. ron paul the libertarian who frankly was right about the fed's loose money policies for years and contributing to the ills of the economy. but people weren't listening to him. they weren't listening to him a couple months as when he put forward this audit bill. this bill for a congressional audit of the fed. bernie sanders, socialist. he is an independent. he is from vermont. but he calls himself a
6:43 pm
democratic socialist. he has been a real critic of the fed for years. just as ron paul has. he used to call alan greenspan on the carpet. he has a bill that would -- where he wants to disclose the names of all the banks that received some $2 trillion in emergency loans during this financial crisis. he wants those names disclosed. those two pieces of legislation are being used to hold up the bernanke nomination. they want more openness on the part of the fed, and they are also very critical of the fed for not seeing this coming and for contributing to the problem in the first place. and it's, like i said, the white house and the fed didn't see this coming, even as recently as late december. >> bret: well, there could be a scott brown factor in here for at least some of these votes, charles. >> there surely is. this is a perfect example of a administration in disarray. the reappointment of bernanke is one of the good decisions that
6:44 pm
obama made. he did save our economy in 2008-2009. he made tactical errors, on the big issue we had a mountain of debt that was going to become insolvent. he nationalized it only way to do it. he has taken a lot of hits. that was the right decision. obama is right in reappointing him. the reason why you have got a lot of democratic defectors on this because, after all, the democrats have a huge majority, even now in the senate and in the house. is that they watch the president, after the massachusetts disaster pivot and become a populous, you know, all the rhetoric about the banks, the bank attacks, do announcing the fat cats on wall street and the republicans, the democrats in the senate are saying i walked the plank on health care. i'm taking a hit on his agenda. if he is become a populous i will become a populous, also. the first target that walks into that room is the fed chairman. that's why he is under attack. it would be a disaster in the
6:45 pm
middle of a crisis as we still are, with uncertainty all over the world, if he were not renominated. it would be a huge hit on us and it would be a huge drop in the stock market. >> bret: steve, on that point, there are a number of lawmakers that came out and said i'm going to support him because the market could lose 1,000 points if he doesn't get through. >> actually, i think that's a reasonable argument. look, i think bernanke deserves some of the blame certainly for the loose money policies that helped get us into the mess. he also, as i'm not as enthusiastic as charles is about him. there is certainly some credit for taking the kinds of risks that he took to flood, basically flood the market with money and, you know, give -- inject some liquidity, make things more stable. the question i think will be how he gets us out of it, if he sticks around. but in terms of, you know, what's causing all of these second thoughts, these sudden second thoughts, there is no question it's a scott brown moment. i mean, it has far more to do
6:46 pm
with scott brown than it has to do with quantitative easing. >> there are two things here. there is the economics of this. in fact, when you talk to economists, the reason that the economy has seen any rebound that it has seen, which isn't a lot but it has seen it, is less because of the stimulus bill than because the fed has put that money out there into these quiet programs with these acronyms but they have gotten credit back into the market. but there is a political story, which is, and i think charles alluded to that which is people are angry about the -- that wall street, the bonuses on wall street, which were extraordinary, and wall street profits where they are trading, frankly they are profitable because they are trading on all that cheap money that the fed is lending them. so this has become a political symbol. ben bernanke is a political symbol for all the anger that people have right now about wall street. >> bret: the lightning round is next with your choice on line the topic of the week. stay with us. unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different --
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>> bret: every week on fox the "special report" home page viewers vote on what topic we should discuss first during the fright daylightening round. this is it you can see the poll. half way down on the right-hand side. more than 40% of the 2,000 plus votes went to charles krauthammer's wild card pick. and he just told me that he is rarely humbled but he is humbled now. >> by the confidence that the viewers have placed in me. strategy question. a democratic member of the house, you saw what happened in massachusetts, what do you do purely as a political calculation on health care? walk away? approve the bill that the senate has passed as a way to ram it through, or start over and negotiate with the republicans
6:51 pm
for a compromise. the answer i would give and the correct answer is, walk away. because if you engaged in negotiations with the republicans, it will take months and one of the messages out of massachusetts is that the electorate looks as this as a distraction. it's not their top issue in spending another half year on this no matter how it turns out in the end. it's only going to hurt democrats. >> bret: nina. >> you are wrong on your own question, charles. >> bret: i was afraid i might. >> if you are a democratic house member you look beyond parochial interest and beyond the white house because you are linked to them and the party. it's suicide not to pass something. if this white house doesn't compromise and doesn't get something through that they can call health reform, this is a president, keep in mind just a couple months ago we were saying his presidency is over if they don't pass health reform. you see the pot shots being taken over bernanke, it's going to just keep on rising. if -- he is going to be perceived as so weak that he can
6:52 pm
get nothing done and he is going to have trouble with his own base moving into the midterm elections. you are going to have a very unenergized, unhappy base. >> charles, you were wrong but not because you said you would walk away but because you said have said you were going to sprint away. the public now believes that this is dead. to do what you are suggesting, even if it would potentially link them back up with the white house would be to give it life again, try to bring it back from the dead, which i think would be worse than having had it passed in the first place. >> bret: quickly, what about the republicans out there like newt gingrich who are saying republicans should launch an effort to pass something and kind of grab the mantel. >> bad idea. >> bret: strategy? >> i do think that republicans are going to be -- now that they have have been the recipient of goodwill the last couple of elections scott brown they do need to start coming forth with ideas. i do think it would benefit them to do that. >> bret: quickly, eric holder,
6:53 pm
the attorney general, he was essentially named by the white house as being the man who decided that the christmas day bomber would be tried as a criminal, mirandized and tried as a criminal. steve? >> well, that's the worst kept secret in washington over the past three days. everybody assumed it was holder who did this. the real scandal, i think, here is senior intelligence officials were not even notified that this was taking place and that they didn't consult with the intelligence community who had a mountain of evidence on abdulmutallab before they went and asked questions. so they asked questions without actually knowing anything when the u.s. government did in fact know quite a bit. >> steve i think raised the question of is this white house going to throw him under the bus as they move forward. they see this as a political liability. >> bret: holder, you mean. >> holder, i'm sorry. on that question i think the white house, while it would probably behoove them to govern more like bush on matters of terrorism, i don't think they are there yet and i think that they will continue to stand by
6:54 pm
holder. >> there is an even larger scandal here which is that a year ago on his inauguration obama abolished the old interrogation techniques and methods executive order and then in august osostensibly establisd a group of interrogators. at christmas, the group didn't exist. it doesn't exist as of today. there was no way even if you wanted to have a high level detainee question in a way that would be effective after a year in office. >> bret: quickly, conservatives, pretty good week? >> you know, this is an amazing week. massachusetts goes republican. health care dies, and the supreme court unshackles the first amendment. the best week i have had since spring break and medical school and i don't even remember it. [ laughter ] and there was another item which you mentioned, air america, the liberal talk show network went out of business, which is a redundancy because nobody was
6:55 pm
listening anyway. >> bret: i want to get this alert in so thank you all. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. amazing story an israeli rescue team has just pulled a 22-year-old man from the rubble ten days after the earthquake in haiti. the man was pulled from a crevice in the wreckage of what had been a three story home. that man is said to be in stable condition tonight, an israeli field hospital. again the israelis pulling out a man alive. we expect to have video of this rescue shortly. so keep it on "the fox report" for the latest. that's good news. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for what appeared to be a quick turn around on one key decision. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new lexus gx. it has the agility and the power to take on any mission,
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>> bret: finally tonight, we told you thursday about the huge u.s. supreme court ruling allowing companies and unions to fund campaign ads for candidates and how it could effect the 2010 race and others. president obama and other top democrats called the ruling bad for democracy. but president obama, of course, will likely be seeking reelection in 2012 and apparently he may have had a change of heart about the ruling. take a look. >> this economic crisis began over financial crisis. [ laughter ] when banks and financial institutions took huge reckless risks in pursuit of quick profit and bonuses. >> bret: secretary burger king. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight that's it for "special report" fair, balanced and unafraid. please be sure to tune into our special president obama in his own words saturday and sunday :00 p.m. eastern time. make it a great weekend.

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